28 January 2007

"The need for balance" and other euphemisms

... in the end there is no substitute for regulators such as the Financial Authority’s Callum McCarthy, a man who knows how to balance the need for intervention against Ronald Reagan’s warning: “Don’t just do something, stand there”. (Irwin Stelzer, The Sunday Times, 21 January 2007.)

My comments

This is what you might call ‘praising interventionism with faint damnation’ and that is as far as any criticism of the modern ideology goes, to the extent it can be found at all.

We at Oxford Forum are the only people attempting to publish the radical criticism that is really needed and so our books and, indeed, our existence, are censored and suppressed. There is no possibility of the downfall of civilisation being averted, reversion to a genuinely free market situation is not possible. Nevertheless we should be able to publish contrarian points of view on a scale more commensurate with the problem.

And I should be able to set up a Department of Philosophy, sub-Department Ethics and Political Theory, to make the world aware of the unexamined assumptions that go into all the pernicious pseudo-philosophy that is currently supposed to constitute the whole of what can be put forward in those areas.