31 January 2007

Highly paid GPs

Comments on article entitled ‘Another dose of cash for GPs’ (Daily Mail 30 January 2007)
Highly-paid family doctors are to be offered even more money to start working in the evenings and weekends again. The move comes just three years after the vast majority of GPs stopped out-of-hours work. Since then GPs have seen their pay soar to an average of £118,000 under a new contract which scrapped their responsibility to patients outside normal working hours. Now ministers are prepared to effectively bribe GPs through fresh financial incentives to change their working patterns again after a major patient survey showed growing dissatisfaction with the current service.
My comments

Well of course, the whole object of modern ideology is that those who live by legalised crime (doctors, teachers and social workers) should have constant increases in their immoral earnings, so that the freedom of action of able and intelligent individuals should be constantly reduced by increasing taxation (confiscation of liberty).

And what modern society is aiming at is an ever increasing army of the presumptuous and unprincipled medical, educational and social Mafia. The greatest encouragement is given to those with low IQs and working class backgrounds to join some branch of this Mafia, so that they may have the fun of running and ruining the lives of the former middle and upper class, with above average IQs and possibly some recollection of oldfashioned bourgeois principles of respect for the liberty of other individuals. So that this dwindling and underprivileged class will have its freedom restricted both by having to pay for the immoral oppression, and by having ever increasing areas of their own lives subjected to it.