22 January 2007

Ignored and/or misrepresented by the media - as usual

My Press Release about the new scheme for 'gifted' children has been rigorously ignored as usual. The one about the terrible proposals for increasing taxation (= confiscation of liberty), in order to interfere even more with children who are already deprived of their liberty by the immoral legislation that makes ‘education’ (= exposure to social hostility) compulsory.

If the media actually wanted some real information about the issues, they might have consulted me, given that I am actually a former gifted child, unlike all the 'experts' waffling about the supposed issues involved in being gifted.

People lift the odd word or quotation from my published material (as they did with Fabian’s book about the legalised crime of the medical ‘profession’) so that they can incorporate them in their own watered-down articles which ignore the real issues.

A Guardian online article about raising the school leaving age uses the word ‘incarceration’ from my November post on this topic in its headline, and gives an anonymous link to my blog, following the convention that I have no social identity. I am merely "one blogger" who thinks that "raising the school leaving age to 18 would be like sentencing intelligent, though not necessarily academically-minded, teenagers to jail", a very watered-down version of my views. Whereas the real point is that all compulsory education is immoral and should be abolished.