11 October 2006

The high-IQ ghetto

(copy of a letter)

We here, the high IQ ghetto, are in a heavily disadvantaged position in modern society. We struggle against adversity as best we can, but it makes it almost impossible for people here to have any normal relations with their families and former or potential friends.

Everyone who believes in the modern ideology - which is everybody - knows that we are not to get the smallest particle of real help, but we may be subjected to gratuitous obstruction and slanders ad lib. But they want people here to continue to interact socially as if there was nothing to be made up for, and as if the people here accepted that they should be treated in the ways they are and have been.

When one is seriously up against it, one cannot do this. It is a very painful and depressing experience to interact with people who could be helping one in various ways and are not doing so.

So far as I am concerned, I found it too painful to meet any of my college ‘friends’ after I had been thrown out, because it was too painful to ask them for money and be refused, or to meet them and refrain from asking them for money. Only spontaneous offers on their part could have opened the way to social interaction.

Later (decades later) I had crawled up the side of the pit into which I had been thrown far enough to face the refusal that would result when I asked them for money or to come and work here. Then I started to invite them, but none of them were willing to meet me, except in noisy and protective social circumstances which would inhibit my expositions of my position, and where they would have potted palms readily available to hide behind as a means of escape.