10 October 2006

Amish culture and medicine

"Locked 200 years in the past at the very centre of modern America, the tribe with a secret dark heart.
Can the Amish continue to survive? ... in the Fifties their children were the last victims of a polio epidemic because they refused the ‘modern’ science of inoculation. Wisely, they changed their ways on medicine when needed." (Daily Mail 4 Oct 06)
Wisely? By getting the obvious physical advantage of some children possibly living longer if their socially appointed sadistic oppressor ('doctor') does not get it wrong, you get the psychological disadvantage of exposure to the immoral/criminal medical profession, in which every meeting with a ‘doctor’ is abusive, a ‘doctor’ who has the immoral power to make decisions on your behalf about things that concern you.

Exposing oneself to such abuse has serious psychological consequences which could easily have lethal side effects, at the time or later.

And, from an evolutionary point of view, you are facilitating the survival of those who are genetically less resistant to disease, and hence are more likely to be the ancestors of children with weak constitutions who will be more in need of being exposed to medical abuse to prolong their lives.

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