11 January 2007

Suppression in Christianity

Further to the question of the psychological process by which someone got a higher level two thousand years ago.

Having established that there was a higher level, I started to look for indications of what led up to it in the various Christian traditions, but found that there was practically nothing, except that ‘entering into’ the kingdom of heaven suggested that one was talking about something with a definite beginning, as my higher level had had, and quite a few things could be taken as allusions to the final process of getting it.

Eventually, as nothing seemed to gel, I thought one might try hypothesizing that the preceding psychological sequence had been, in all essentials, very similar, and looking for sayings that might arise from psychological events exactly like my own. In fact it is possible to find allusions to all the most crucial and dramatic transitions. But these are all within pre-higher level psychology which is in itself quite a different matter from what passes as ‘normal’.

So the criterion of selection seems to have been to suppress everything except what was so far outside ‘normal’ psychology that no one who had not had a higher level would know what it was about, and would find it extremely difficult to understand even if there was an accompanying verbal tradition about the psychological issues involved (and there is no indication that there ever was). And, of course, they would not be able to do anything about it even if they had a vague idea of what was to be aimed at.

Descriptions of higher level psychology usually occur as injunctions, which are useless. E.g. “Know what is before your face, for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed” (Gospel of Thomas). Well, okay, if you are on a higher level you will see a lot of information in front of you, and will feel that all information is at least in principle accessible. But if you are not on a higher level, you will not see anything, and trying to do so won’t help.

So anything potentially of any use for getting a higher level, or moving even slightly in the right direction, has obviously been suppressed.